India: Schoolboys find Rs9 billion in bank account

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Last updated on September 16, 2021 at 04.19 pm

Two schoolboys in a village in Bihar found themselves over 9 billion rupees richer overnight when they saw the amount in their bank accounts on Thursday.

According to NDTV, sixth-grader Guru Charan Vishwas's account at the Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank was credited with 9 billion rupees (Dh 450 million), while his compatriot Ashish received 62 million rupees (3 million). The transactions were reportedly accidental.

"I received information last evening that a huge sum has been found in the bank accounts of two boys. We are investigating it. We opened the bank branch early this morning to check how it happened. The branch manager told us there was some glitch in the computerised system of sending money," said Katihar District Magistrate Udayan Mishra.

The boys' parents, along with several residents of their home village of Katiha, visited their local internet centre, banks and ATMs to determine if the report was in fact true. The local village head has confirmed the incident.

"The amount was visible in their statements but the actual money wasn't in their account. I have sought a report from the bank," syas Mishra.