India: Panic after gas leak at chemical factory in Maharashtra

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Last updated on June 4, 2021 at 08.42 am

Gas leakage at a chemical factory in Badlapur on the outskirts of Mumbai late on Thursday night caused panic in the area with people rushing out of homes and experiencing breathing problems.

Fire brigade units rushed to the factory and by midnight the leakage, caused by overheating, was stopped. No casualties were reported, according to local officials. Though many people suffered from breathing difficulties, officials said the gas was not toxic. Many of those living in a radius of three km from the factory complained of breathing problems and eye irritation, said an official.

The incident happened at the industrial unit of Noble Intermediaries Ltd at a state-owned industrial estate. Badlapur has in recent years attracted thousands of residents from other parts of Mumbai, as property prices in the area are affordable. It is also one of the last major stations for local suburban trains from CST in south Mumbai.