Socially distanced society: See how Covid-19 changed our lives

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Last updated on January 27, 2021 at 7.24 am

A board outside an eatery in Dubai Design District reminds visitors that mask is mandatory to enter. Dubai has updated its Covid-19 safety rules, making restaurants, cafes, gyms and events more socially distanced. Photo by Shihab

Just like other safety precautions like helmet and jacket, mask also has become a norm for this biker. The UAE government has called on residents to abide by the safety rules in public places, vehicles and restaurants. Photo by Shihab/KT
A man sits alone on a two-seater sofa in an office, which has a sticker reminding visitors of mandatory social distancing rule. Photo by Shihab/KT
FOOD IN SAFE HANDS: A masked restaurateur awaits customers at his outlet in Rolla, Sharjah. Strict operating protocols have been rolled out by the health ministry for businesses to curb the spread of Covid-19. Photo by M. Sajjad/KT
FRAGRANCE OF SAFETY: Awaiting customers at his shop in Rolla Mall, Sharjah, this masked perfume vendor ensures everyone is safe: Photo Sajjad/KT
RAZOR SHARP FOCUS: From keeping his mask and gloves on to sterilising his razor, a barber in Dubai does his bit to keep his customers safe. - Photo by Shihab/KT
SALONS ARE BACK IN BUSINESS: Opening responsibly parlours in Dubai are welcoming their clients back while nimbly implementing the safety guidelines like mandatory temperature checks of their customers, the moment they step into the facility. Photo by Juidin Bernarrd/KT
STAY PROTECTED: Residents are now more conscious of their hand hygiene, with sanitisers available everywhere. Photo by Shihab/KT
Safety signs at Electra Park in Abu Dhabi to remind visitors of the safety norms in place. Photo by Ryan Lim/KT
Goldfish bowl-like acrylic screens installed as part of new social distancing measures at Jazz Lounge Encounter, a night club for seeking encounters, in Tokyo's Ginza district, Japan, August 6. Reuters
People practice social distancing inside an elevator prior to arriving to their workplaces at World Trade Center, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Reuters
People stand on signs to respect social distancing on a platform for the tramway in Nice, France. Reuters
Students sit behind old ballot boxes re-purposed into partitions as they attend class in Pathum Thani province, Thailand. Reuters
People participate in an outdoor yoga class in a dome to facilitate social distancing, in Toronto, Canada. - Reuters
Students and teachers wear protective face masks while keeping social distance as schools reopen in Hanau, Germany. - Reuters
Nathalie interacts with her husband Joseph behind a transparent plastic sheet inside a bubble room installed to visit residents in the garden of the Fondation Shadet Vercoustre retirement home near Dunkirk, France. - Reuters
People wear protective face shields and masks at a bank preparing to reopen in Bangkok, Thailand. Reuters
Yellow stripe is painted in the middle of a pedestrian street to help people comply with social distance guidelines in Aalborg, Denmark. Reuters
People eat inside private dining pods at a restaurant in London. Reuters
Customers wait outside on social distancing markings at a prototype location of fast food giant McDonald's in Arnhem, Netherlands. Reuters
A bank teller wearing a protective face mask stands at a counter where a plastic curtain is installed at the Higashinakano branch of MUFG Bank in Tokyo. Reuters
Indian school paints village walls for outdoor pandemic classes. - AFP
Coronavirus restrictions have been kept in place in parts of northern England following a surge in cases of Covid-19. AFP