Ramadan Art Nights: A stunning outdoor art gallery in Dubai


Last updated on April 29, 2021 at 9.41 pm
Al Seef, Dubai’s popular waterfront promenad, is hosting an outdoor art gallery - Ramadan Art Nights – during the holy month of Ramadan, featuring stunning artworks from talented local artists.
Hosted in collaboration with Dubai Culture, the event will feature the works of multi-disciplinary artists from drawings and paintings to sculptures and video installations.
In keeping with the themes of contemplation and spiritualism, the event allows you to learn more about the cultural heritage and meaning behind the fascinating artworks on display.
The art gallery will be held until Eid Al Fitr.
Look out for the unique Arabic calligrapher Mohamad Elagaty’s stunning augmented reality animation or be in awe of Masarra Fatima Sulaimani's work as she symbolically connects her acrylic art with the journey of life.
Plus, some great outdoor installations, including those by Asma Ahmed Shikoh and Yara Manla and Raghad. Environment lovers will delight in an outdoor installation created by Yara Manla and Raghad.
Al Seef also offers delicious Iftar and Suhoor offers throughout Ramadan along with Ramadan products available at multiple shops.

Have a look at the artworks are displayed among the decorative pieces around Al Seef in celebration of Ramadan.