UAE weather: Hot, humid day ahead; temperature to hit 49°C

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Last updated on June 5, 2021 at 08.45 am

Abu Dhabi Police have now stated that speed limits on Abu Dhabi's external roads are back to normal, with temperatures expected to touch 49C on Saturday.

As dense fog engulfed various parts of the UAE on Saturday morning, the police had announced speed limit reduction on major roads from and towards the Capital to 80kmph. On its official Twitter page, the police said speed reduction system had been activated on Mohammed Bin Rashid Road (Abu Dhabi - Dubai), Maktoum Bin Rashid Road (Al Smeeh - Dubai), AbuDhabi-Al Ain Road, Al Fayah Road (Truck Road) and Abu Dhabi - Sweihan road.

Fog was reported in different parts of the country, including Bu Humrah, Al Rahbah, Swiehan, Razeen in Abu Dhabi and over Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai in the early hours.

Temperature to soar to 49°C

Saturday’s weather will be fair to partly cloudy at times, with a probability of some convective clouds formation eastwards over the mountains by afternoon.

The relative humidity will increase by the night and early morning over some coastal and internal areas, with a chance of fog or mist formations over some coastal or internal areas.

The lowest temperature recorded over the country today morning was 21.5°C at 5:45am in Damtha, Al Ain.

The maximum humidity would be 75 to 95 per cent across coastal, 75 to 95 per cent in interior regions and between 45 to 70 per cent in the mountains.

The sea will be slight in the Arabian Gulf and in the Oman Sea.

The NCM has also predicted that the coming week will be partly cloudy with a probability of some convective cloud formations. Temperatures may also slightly decrease over western coasts.

Here are the ways to keep yourself safe

Health experts in the UAE have warned of the many diseases that pose a threat during this period. Residents are urged to take precautions.

> At home

Put wet towels or cool packs on your arms or neck or put your feet in cool water

Take cool showers or baths

Minimise physical activity, do all household chores early in the morning when it is coolest

> Stepping out:

Wear light-coloured, loose-fitting clothes made from natural fibres like cotton

Make use of shaded areas for rest in between

Apply sunscreen, wear a hat, use an umbrella and wear sunglasses

Avoid being outdoors between 11am and 5pm

Make use of shaded areas for rest in between

Go swimming between 7am to 10am or after 4pm

Don’t leave pets or children in closed cars.