Eid Al Fitr in UAE: Hot, hazy weather likely during long weekend

Last updated on May 13, 2021 at 07.27 am

The UAE will experience hot temperatures and humid conditions during the five Eid Al Fitr holidays - from Tuesday (May 11) to Saturday (May 15) - according to weather forecasters.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) authorities said the weather would remain by and large hot, and, at times, hazy during daytime and mild at night.

“It will be humid in the coastal areas at night and in the early morning. Mist is likely to form on Wednesday morning. Some clouds will appear eastward by afternoon on Friday and Saturday,” the forecast predicted.

Light to moderate northwesterly winds will be experienced during the daytime, which may turn southwesterly at night, and gusty winds are likely to blow in some areas in the country during the day.

Both the Arabian Sea and Oman Sea will be either be calm or moderate during the festive occasion.

The forecasters said the maximum temperatures expected during the Eid Al Fitr holidays will be as follows:

Coasts and islands: 34 - 38 degrees Celsius (C)

Interior areas: 38 - 43 degrees C

Mountainous areas: 25 – 32 degrees C

The minimum temperatures expected during the Eid-Al-Fitr holiday will be as follows:

Coasts and islands: 23 - 28 degrees C

Interior areas: 19 - 26 degrees

Mountainous areas: 17 - 25 degrees C

No forecast for rainfall during Eid-Al-Fitr holidays, the authorities added.

Ismail Sebugwaawo A professional journalist originating from Kampala, Uganda, Ismail is a happy father with strong attachment to family and great values for humanity. He has practiced journalism in UAE for the past 13 years, covering the country's parliament (FNC) and crimes, including Abu Dhabi Police, public prosecution and courts. He also reports about important issues in education, public health and the environment, with a keen interest in human interest stories. When out of reporting duties, he serves the Ugandan community in Abu Dhabi as he wants to see his countrymen happy. Exercising and reading are part of his free time.