UAE weather heats up; likely to cross 40°C this month

Last updated on May 2, 2021 at 10.58 am

The UAE will experience a gradual increase in daytime during the month of May, which will lead to a gradual increase of air temperature over most parts of the country, according to weather forecasters.

In its monthly climate report released on Saturday evening, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said May is considered one of the months of the first transition period (spring) between winter and summer.

“During this month, the apparent movement of sun continues to move north of the equator, where daytime gradually increases in the northern hemisphere, which leads to a gradual increase of air temperature over most parts of the country during this month,” said the NCM.

”During May, the effect of Siberian high pressure weakens while depressions affect the area from East and West. When it is associated by extension of Westerly upper air troughs, the amount of clouds increase with chances of rain.”

The report said humidity decreases slightly during this month compared to April, especially during the second half, with chances of fog/mist formation particularly during first half of the month over scattered areas of the country, while the frequency of occurrences of fog/mist decrease during the second half of May.

Climatic statistics

Air temperature:

During May, the mean air temperature ranges between 30.5 and 33.5°C, while the mean maximum air temperature ranges between 37.2 and 40.7°C.

The highest maximum temperature during May reached 50.2°C at Um Azimul and Fujairah Airport in 2009, while the lowest minimum air temperature fell to 9.0°C at Jabal Jais in 2005.


The mean wind speed in May is 13 km/h.

The highest winds of 117.2 (km/hr) was recorded at Jabal Mebreh in 2010.

Relative humidity:

The mean relative humidity in May is 39 per cent.

The mean maximum relative humidity ranges between 54 per cent to 82 per cent, while the mean minimum relative humidity ranges between 14 per cent to 22 per cent.


In 2016, May showed the highest frequency of fog with two occasions of fog and 11 misty days.


The highest amount of rain recorded during May was 134.4 mm in Al Fali in 1981.

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