UAE weather alert: Rains forecast for next 2 days

Last updated on May 3, 2021 at 11.35 am

The UAE is likely to receive rains over the next two days, according to a forecast issued by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

Parts of the country had received heavy rainfall for three days last week.

The general forecast for today, May 3, suggests that it will be cloudy in general “with a probability of convective cloud formation Eastward by afternoon”. This may be associated with rainfall.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday (May 4 and 5) will be dusty and cloudy. Tuesday will see some rainy convective clouds formation, with day time temperatures expected to be “rather hot”.

Temperatures will decrease the next day, with Eastern and Southern areas likely to receive rains.

Last week, the UAE saw heavy rainfall and hailstorms.

On Wednesday, it rained so heavily in the UAE that gorgeous waterfalls formed in some mountainous areas.

Dibba, on the UAE's East coast, recorded the highest amount of rain (27.7 millimeters) on the day. Dhudna and Masafi, also on the East coast, followed with 17.1 mm and 16 mm rain, respectively.

The NCM had also issued alerts, asking residents to stay away from flash flood areas.