UAE Ramadan 2021: Charity launches tool for Covid-safe Iftar donations

Staff Report

Last updated on March 31, 2021 at 04.34 pm

A charity group in Fujairah has introduced an easy, Covid-safe way of donating Iftar meals to the needy this Ramadan.

The Fujairah Charity Association (FCA) has set up an interactive map where donors can find a distribution location near them and pay for as many Iftar meals as they wish.

Yusuf Al Marshudi, director-general of the FCA, said the unprecedented service falls in line with the precautionary measures to curb the spread of the Covid-19.

Donors, whether individuals or entities, can simply log into to choose a distribution location and indicate the number of beneficiaries via the interactive map.

When accessed, the map opens and shows all the distribution points available. “Donors can also know about the expected cost of the meals they wish to donate, and also makes payment easy using their smartphones,” said Al Marshudi. “Later on, donors will be provided with visual reports on the distribution of the meals they donated.”

The association is eyeing to distribute 500,000 Iftar meals across the emirate of Fujairah and Dibba city. Every day, over 16,000 meals shall be given to those in need, but the target can further be increased according to the demand, Al Marshudi said.

To keep the public safe this Ramadan, the UAE authorities have banned the Iftar tents and the distribution of meals inside mosques and at restaurants. Those who wish to donate will have to coordinate with charity organisations.

Sherif Al Wakeel, a philanthropist, thanked the FCA for the pioneering drive. “This innovative service makes Iftar donation easier, faster and more convenient.”