UAE: Police rush to the rescue of family whose home was damaged by rains

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Last updated on May 5, 2021 at 10.01 am

Fujairah Police recently went to the rescue of an Emirati family whose house suffered damage in recent rains that have been lashing the emirate.

The police force rushed to provide alternate housing, upon being notified of the family's plight.

Various parts of the Emirate have been witnessing periodic rainfall — ranging from medium to heavy — in recent days.

The rains led to increased water flow through valleys, causing damage to the home located in the Al-Busirah area.

In coordination with the Fujairah Charitable Society, Fujairah Police quickly provides a temporary home for the family, while the Community Police Department made sure to assist the family with their needs.


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The rains that hit the Emirate caused no damages to lives, and traffic continued smoothly with no major accidents, authorities said.