Eid Al Adha in Abu Dhabi: Check bus timings on app for cancellations, extra trips

Last updated on July 20, 2021 at 03.40 pm

Abu Dhabi has added 100 daily bus trips for the Eid Al Adha holidays, ensuring that residents are able to enjoy the break even with strict social distancing norms and new Covid-19 protocols in place.

However, commuters have been urged to check bus timings on the Darbi app as many scheduled trips stand cancelled hours before the sterilisation period begins at midnight.

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“During Eid Al Adha holiday, additional 100 trips will be operated every day on main routes in order to ensure meeting the public demand and avoid bus overcrowding. Public bus users are requested to follow the precautionary measures and use Darbi app to check trip timings and avoid waiting in the bus shelters,” said Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), which is affiliated with the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT).

On Monday evening, some residents were caught unaware as most long-route trips were cancelled some three hours before the sterilisation drive, which takes place between midnight and 5am.

The DMT in Abu Dhabi had noted that public transport will be unavailable during the sterilisation programme.

“To ensure the health and safety of all communities, DMT and its affiliates support the national sterilisation programme in Abu Dhabi through sterilisation procedures and suspending public transportation during programme hours.”

Most buses across Abu Dhabi were off the road from 9pm and soon after, streets wore a deserted look as people remained indoors.

“I am a regular commuter. I went shopping after my office work and when I reached the bus stop, I found most buses were cancelled. Luckily, a friend dropped me home in his car. By 11pm, all streets were almost empty,” said Benil J., who works at a store on Hamdan Street and lives in the Al Mushrif area.

“Buses stop operating when they wouldn’t be able to complete their last trip and return to the depot. This was the case last year too,” Joy Jacob, a resident from Bani Yas, recollected.

The authorities have been urging commuters to check the Darbi app for real-time updates on bus timings.

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