Dubai: Woman gets 10-year jail term for carrying cocaine in 'empty bag'

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Last updated on July 27, 2021 at 12.22 pm

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a woman of African origin to a 10-year jail term followed by deportation to her home country after she was found guilty of smuggling banned narcotic substances in an 'empty bag' at the Dubai International Airport (DXB), Emarat Al Youm reported.

The defendant claimed that a person met her at the airport of her native country and asked her to deliver the ‘empty bag’ to another person in Dubai.

The recipient of the parcel was allegedly held up in Dubai owing to Covid-19-related travel restrictions.

A Dubai Customs inspector told the Public Prosecutors that the defendant denied carrying any contraband in the ‘empty bag’.

Initially, the Customs authorities opened a bag and found another ‘empty bag’ inside, and both of them were put through the X-ray scanner.

However, an abnormal density was observed in the ‘empty bag,’ which resembled those used by school pupils.

The scanning revealed that the ‘empty bag’ contained a white powder like substance, which forensic investigation proved to be cocaine, and was neatly stuffed in packets, containing 800 grams (g) each.

The defendant confessed to the authorities that she was paid $500 (Dh1,836.50) for acting as a courier.

However, she maintained that she was not aware that she was made to carry banned narcotic substances in the ‘empty bag’.

The court convicted her to a 10-year prison term because she failed to prove her innocence.