Dubai: Man wears abaya, niqab to rob villa, arrested

Last updated on February 23, 2021 at 02.16 am

The Dubai Police arrested a European for robbing a villa. He had worn an abaya (cloak worn by women) and niqab (face cover) to carry out the crime.

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On being alerted about the crime, the police rushed to the villa. They found out that the robber had forced open the safe by hitting it with a sharp tool.

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Forensic evidence also showed he used a small saw, resulting in small scattered pieces of copper around the place.

The police rounded up a few suspects. They found an abaya and a niqab at the main suspect's house.

As he forced open the safe in the villa, a small piece of copper landed in his clothes, which the police recovered.

On being confronted with the evidence, the suspect confessed to the crime.