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Covid UAE: Etihad launches ‘verified to fly’ travel document initiative

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Last updated on May 12, 2021 at 09.38 am

Travellers flying from Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways will be able to validate their Covid-19 travel documents before arriving at the airport from Wednesday (May 12) onwards, ensuring that they have met all essential requirements before their flight.

Verified travellers will enjoy fast-track check-in at the airport by going to the dedicated "Verified to Fly" desk.

“ 'Verified to Fly’ removes any guesswork from the equation and makes check-in faster. Guests have total peace of mind knowing that when they arrive at the airport, they have already met all Covid-19 travel requirements,” said Mohammad Al Bulooki, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Etihad Aviation Group.

To use the “Verified to Fly” service, passengers can sign-up through Etihad’s website and submit their documents. Once the submission has been checked by the “Verified to Fly” team, passengers will receive a “success” e-mail if their documents meet government requirements.

If requirements are missing or not met, the passenger will be asked to resubmit or check their documents.

“Verified to Fly” will be available for all guests departing Abu Dhabi from Wednesday, excluding China, and for flights departing Amman, Beirut, Dhaka, and Manila shortly thereafter.