Inside the Middle East's first formally recognised Abarth Club in Dubai

Last updated on July 12, 2020 at 3.44 pm
A local coup for car fans, the parent company of Abarth, Fiat Chrysler Automotive, has formally recognised the Abarth Club Dubai as the Middle East's first official enthusiasts' organisation. Originally a small gathering of UAE-based admirers, the group has today grown to a membership of almost 50 dedicated 'Abarthisti' under the leadership of 32-year-old Egyptian club president Tamer Nabil, who founded the troop with like-minded owners at the end of 2019. They join the global Scorpionship community, which was put together in 2016 and has evolved into a network of 77 clubs with over 110,000 members worldwide. The newly recognised Abarth Club Dubai will now enjoy exclusive privileges only available to the Scorpionship community, such as track days, club events, and even visits to the home of Abarth in Turin, Italy. The club's most recent gathering was an exclusive race weekend at the Dubai Autodrome. We spoke with Nabil about the upgraded status.

How does it feel to be the first official ME club?

It's an incredible feeling! Firstly, we are very honoured and proud that the first official Abarth Club in the Middle East was launched in the heart of The United Arab Emirates. This recognition comes down to each individual club member that showed passion and love to this legendary brand, Abarth! We have members that have been working on the club for the past year but at the end of 2019, we formally started to gather together and plan events and activities. Passion, enthusiasm, teamwork, and online presence were the main ingredients for the club to become officially recognised! We worked with the FCA Group and combined resources to plan successful events thus commencing an ongoing relationship and working together to formally recognise the club.

What activities will you look to plan?

First on our list is to visit the factory in Turin, along with CSR events, parades, and many more! Enthusiasts can email us at or message us on any of our social media accounts and we will provide them with all the requirements to join.

What do you love most about the car?

The list is quite long! To start with, Abarth has a very interesting history behind it, starting from Carlo Abarth building the first Abarth car to the world record number of races the brand has won. Not to get too technical, but it is equipped with a T-Jet engine and record Monza exhaust, which makes the driving experience indescribable! They are fun, unique, and fast; a definite head-turner on the road!

Do you welcome regular Fiat 500 owners?

Yes of course!