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Dubai diaries: one for the Eid workers

Last updated on May 9, 2021 at 5.20 pm

Over the past week or so, vacation fever has slowly yet definitively descended upon the office. Much like the end of term used to creep up on you back in school and you began counting down the number of final bells to which you’d have to adhere before freedom was granted, there’s a building frenzy in the air. With the prospect of four or five days off in honour of Eid Al Fitr, the regular talk surrounding staycations, going out and having a good old knees-up abounds, not least in this publication. Regulars will attest, there’s nothing we like better than showcasing our local cities in all their glory during a festive period. And I for one hope those who manage to revel in some well-deserved time away from work do make the most of it. There are numerous activities from which to choose and being able to call a safe destination most global travellers covet “home” is a privilege, which, especially at this moment, cannot be taken for granted. Nipping out for a special bite to eat or checking into a hotel, supporting local businesses and letting off some steam, is essential so flick through these pages for some of the best deals around and get booking as soon as you can. Everything is filling up fast.

However, before many clock off for a very long weekend, I would like to take a minute to recognise the people for whom heading into work is necessary near enough every day of the year. Not all can wangle time away for public holidays and this is just to say, we see you too. From frontline heroes in the medical and emergency services, to shop assistants, taxi drivers and building security; to the waiters and resort staff making your vacation memorable and, yes, even those in the media who push out the non-stop news cycle, the UAE-wide hiatus will be just another day at the office. Should this detract from others’ enjoyment? Of course not. We’re used to it being part and parcel of the job. Does a quick wave of acknowledgement in passing go a long way? Yes it does.

While friendliness costs nothing at any time, it is perhaps more keenly felt during an interval where it appears the entire world is joining in on the party and you’re unable. A nod, a ‘how are you?’, or merely a seasonal greeting can prove an invaluable boost to start the day. I am aware the temptation to keep your head down when passing a cleaning cart making up the next room on your way to the all-you-can-eat staycation breakfast is strong. Likewise when grabbing a quick morning coffee and tapping your card in silence before scurrying out. This holiday, though, why not buck the trend and go in for an ‘Eid Mubarak’ or two? You never know what it may do.

David Light David is originally from the United Kingdom and has been a journalist in the UAE for 12 years. A keen lifestyle writer, his work centres on motoring, dining, travel, film and local and international entertainment. When he is not at his desk, David enjoys taking a motorbike out for an early ride, delving into a historical biography or exploring new languages and countries. Email him about any of his stories or to reach out about one of your own.