BACnet welcomes Netix as gold member

Last updated on May 10, 2021 at 10.25 pm

The BACnet community has welcomed Netix Global B.V. to join BACnet International as a gold member. Netix is a IoT and AI based advanced building automation systems provider and their products and solutions include BAS/BMS, metering and energy savings, enterprise security and smart city integration.

“Netix is a fast-growing company that would continue to be associated with bespoke and globally accepted testing bodies like BACnet International,” said Sanjeevv Bhatia, chief executive officer of Netix. “It gives customers and stakeholders the necessary confidence for ready acceptance, especially in newer markets.”

Netix joins more than 150 leading building automation suppliers as BACnet International members supporting promotion of BACnet as a global communications protocol.

“Netix is a wonderful fit for the BACnet International community and they are taking advantage of new technologies to further enhance building automation capabilities in data analytics and energy management, which are critical to effectively and efficiently managing facilities in smart city solutions, " said Andy McMillan, president and managing director of BACnet International

Adherence to the BACnet standard will enable Netix to help developers and real estate operators connect multiple systems and buildings, collate data, analyse it, and derive insights to optimise functions and increase efficiencies.

“This is a proud moment for Netix Middle East which continues to transform multiple old buildings in UAE into digitally and seamlessly connected to a cloud server or on premises control and command center. The UAE has benefited from digital transformation as its always been a hotbed of innovation and technology. With the economy reopening, following a competent handling of the pandemic, it has gained further momentum,” conlcuded Bhatia.